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Briquetting Equipment

Biomasser - Prese za briketiranje Tomasser - Seckalice

Stationary and Portable Lines for Grinding and Briquetting of Agricultural Biomass

Agrogas doo - Belgrade is an authorized agent of Polish company ASKET from which it buys and places the briquetting equipment for waste from crop farming on the market of Serbia and on the markets of other countries in the region.

BIOMASSER briquetting machine is intended for production of briquets from straw, corn stover, hay, phragmites and other biomasses.

BIOMASSER® is unique European technology for briquetting certified by EU ETV European programme.

We are aware that large quantities of biomass from crop farming are destroyed and unreasonably used in our country in many ways. Briquetting of biomass from crop farming makes numerous opportunities for generation of heat. This is a reply to one of the questions how to increase share of renewable energy sources in energy balance sheets.

Experience gained in European countries indicate that briquets should be produced by crop farms, which have their own raw materials because they may use a portion of produced briquets for their own requirements. Also, it is most realistic that customers and consumers of briquets intended for the market are thermal power plants, power plants and heating plants using solid fuel for generation of electric and heat energy.

Economic analyses, based on proved experience of EU countries indicate that use of renewable energy source from biomass, from crop farming, is extremely cost-effective. In the first place, for the state in view of protection of natural resources and decrease of consumption of imported fuels, protection of environment and reduction of budgetary consumption.

Agricultural producers make briquet close production cycle because they finalize their own raw materials. If they used briquests to heat their own working premises or for technology purposes, as for example, for drying plants, farm heating, etc. cost-effectiveness of this business would be increased for them. In this way they would significantly improve their own economics.

It is important that a crop farming household, as an investor, has relatively low investments in infrastructure, for installation of machine. Installation of electric connection of planned capacities is important. Space for machine placement may be simple at old buildings or in prefabricated rooms. In respect of raw materials, a crop farmer has already invested funds in their preparation for harvest, bale making and removal from fields. Briquetting would return those invested funds to the crop farmer because he/she will not have to buy other fuels for heating and he/she could make considerable profit selling briquets.

All parameters indicate that production of briquets from biomass is costs-effective, in particular if the investors for machine procurement are the owners of biomass at the same time.



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