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steering wheel orbitrol tires IMT 560-577

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904 023008

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Novi Sad Fair

As in previous years, this year we were exhibitors at the Novi Sad Agricultural Fair. We exhibited IMT tractors, SILA underminers from one to 9 workin...

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Sumadija fair 2021

As in previous years, our company is an exhibitor at the agricultural fair in Kragujevac, which is held from 2.09. to 05.09.You can see pictures and v...

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Large subsidies for tractors

This year, the city of Belgrade organized subsidies for the purchase of new tractors. As much as 80 percent are subsidies, up to a million dinars.

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Project on co-financing of agricultural mechanization in Belgrade

This year, the City Secretariat for Economy, Department of Agriculture,subsidized the purchase of agricultural machinery for registered agricultural...

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